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>>> About:Lostchild

"the future of pop."

- Hunger Magazine

hi. i'm lostchild. i write and produce pop music that is very personal to me. being a gay man with social anxiety​ and self esteem issues is nothing new, but how i deal with it is to be as honest and open about my thoughts, feelings and experiences as i can in my music and hope that other people can relate.

growing up in a small town in the uk, i always felt like an outsider, not able to connect with anyone. i felt pretty lost and lonely throughout my childhood and teen years (again, nothing new, i know) and grew to feel some pretty negative things about myself.

now as a grown man, i realise the negative feelings i feel have led me to behave a little crazy sometimes, and this is what lostchild is... an outlet for the crazy. a catharsis.

if you feel like an outsider or that you don't belong anywhere, you have a home in my music.

- lostchild

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